I’ve had my Zune now for several months, well, since it came out in November to be exact. I still love the Zune as much as when I first cracked open the box. I use it nearly everyday either for music, videos and I’ve actually started using the FM radio everynow and then when I just can’t find music that I really want to listen to. I love it so much that I ventured into modding and replaced the 30gb hard drive for a 80gb.

I’ve found one feature about the Zune that I really like is the ability to change the wallpaper on it. I’m a wallpaper freak, I change the wallpaper on my laptop and 3 other PC’s at least as much as I change my underwear! I started making my own wallpapers, but just wasn’t digging those as much. Then I found ThemeZune.com and was able to get my wallpaper fix and show my Zune some wallpaper love. They have tons of Zune sized wallpapers arranged by type. There are enough wallpapers on there to suite just about everyone.