JogIf you read back in some of my earlier posts you’ll see where I talked about going 3 months without pop.  I ended up going 9 weeks before I gave up.  The hardest part of going without pop was the initial week.  The reason I gave up wasn’t necessarily because I just had to have pop, but because the results weren’t as dramatic as I had expected.

I figured I’d lose more weight than I did (not that I really need to lose a lot) and my energy level after 2 months was not much higher than before.  So I decided I was done with that experiment and decided to give exercise a try.

I’ve never been one for routine exercise, I’ve always been skinny and even now at 35 I haven’t put on that much weight. I’m actually statistically right in the weight range that is ideal for my age, height and sex. However, i have noticed that there is more weight settling in my mid-section.  So I signed up at a fitness center and have been going 2 and 3 times a week for 3 weeks now. I have to say that I have noticed a significant difference in just the 3 weeks, much more so than the 9 weeks with no pop. So, hopefully I can keep this up.