RipenI thoroughly enjoyed Shawn’s first CD entitled “Simply Nothing“. It came out in August of 2004 and I think I didn’t find it until the beginning if 2005. It was one of my most listened to CD’s for 2005. This new CD is right on par with his first CD. Later on in 2005 Shawn released a live CD. Now if you read my previous post you’d know I’m not much of a live CD kinda guy. But, I so enjoyed his first CD that I longed for more of his music. I wasn’t let down with his live cd entitle “Live in Seatle“. This live cd featured mostly songs from his first CD but also gave us a glimpse into the now new CD Ripen.

This CD is….smooth. That’s the word that comes to mind. I knew from listening to some 30 second clips from his site that I was going to enjoy this cd. Those little clips usually don’t really give you a feel for the cd and not only do I enjoy this cd, but I’m drawn into it. With “Ripen“, he carries on with the acoustic style from his first CD and has even more passionate and poignant vocals. It is one of the rare CD’s that for me seems to be a continual experience without all of the songs sounding the same. Though it’s not considered a praise and worship cd I found it profoundly worshipful. I’m sure it’s going to be a steady visitor to my Winamp playlist this year!

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