Alone in the DarkI tend to have music playing all the time. While I’m at work and I’m doing programming I usually don’t like music with lyrics. It just tends to be too distracting and I can’t focus on what I’m trying to get through. So I generally tune into the “Chillout” stream from Digitally Imported. Maybe One DayWhile I was browsing a fellow photoblogger’s site I came across a picture he had posted and in the comments he said it was the album cover for his latest cd. I’m always game for new music so I popped over to his “My Music” section. Albedo not only has alot of cool pictures I really liked but he has some great music as well. His music features several flavors of piano music. He has two CD’s available for download and has graciously provided them free of charge. It’s always neat to disover new music.