plumbI remember hearing “Crazy” from Plumb’s first cd on a sampler cd and thought, that’s cool. So I went and bought that cd and have enjoyed their music from that one through to “CandyCoatedWaterDrops” on to “Beutiful Lumps of Coal” and finally their latest offering called Chaotic Resolve.

I’m not sure if the dates are correct, but Amazon has the first cd coming out in 1997. I do remember getting that one and waiting a couple of years to what they have as 1999 for the next cd. After it was reported that they broke up. And I was sad.

The following year in 2000 they release a best of Plumb CD, which I thought was kinda wierd because they only had 2 CD’s out, but whatever, it was all good to me. But then in 2003 they surfaced again and I was happy again. I finally heard some rumbling about a new CD sometime last year and it just came out last month.

Chaotic Resolve is more of their great sound with Tiffany Arbuckle’s poignant lyrics and awesome voice. She hits deep with honest lyrics about pain, frailty and imperfections. Her lyrics and voice are coupled with driving music and gritty electric guitar using styles ranging from pop to heavy rock. Good stuff.