Day 6 – Top vent slots, front door latch and more painting.

I cut some slots in the roof of the cabinet for ventilation, not sure they are really needed.

I had planned on making the front area at the bottom a door with hinges and such, but I decided I didn’t want to mess with figuring out where to put them and all that.  Instead I just have the bottom area as a solid piece that I put a cam lock in middle top and then cut out a slot in the 2×4 that sits behind it.  This way I can totally remove the front if I want to.

I might change this later and put hinges and all on it, but for now I like how it works.

In addition to the cam lock I’m putting some of these cabinet magnetic catches along the bottom inside to make sure it doesn’t easily come out.

I love building, I love cutting and drilling and sanding and routing and glueing and all of that.  But, I hate painting.  It’s boring, it’s tedious and it seems to take forever.  ehhhh, I hate painting.

Day 6 hours: 4 hours
Running total: 26 hours construction.

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