Day 5 – First test drive, added inside shelf and holes for wires.

I put my computer, monitor, speakers and the controller onto the cabinet for a test drive.

Here I am playing TimePilot. One of my favorite games.
I could have sat there for hours doing that.

So you can get an idea of size.
(FYI…I’m 6′ tall)

It was fun, but I found a couple of things I needed to tweak:

1. No holes for wires coming down from speaker/marquee area.
2. No hole for wires from controller.
3. Plenty of storage space in the bottom area, but needs a shelf.
4. The controller doesn’t sit flat, not sure if that’s the controller or the shelf.
5. The whole cabinet is a bit wobbly. I don’t think it’s structural, I think it’s the wheels and maybe my garage floor isn’t totally flat?
Might need to beef up the wheels or remove them all together.
6. The monitor is a bit wobbly as well.  I think it’s the plastic stand.  I’m really hoping to find a 25″ or 27″ TV to put in it, but haven’t yet.
The 19″ monitor is pretty good size, but not quite as big as I want.
Some more pictures of us playing…

Here I am playing one of the greatest games ever created.

Ok, so I fixed the missing wire holes, added a shelf to the bottom area and did some more sanding.
Did I mention that sanding this thing generates tons of sawdust? Man, it’s everywhere.
Everything in my garage has a coat of dust on it. I keep opening the garage door and trying to blow it outside, but it’s cold out so I can’t leave it open long!

So, here it is with the beginnings of a coat of primer.
The further along I get in this the more fun it gets!

It’s New Years Eve, so I guess I’ll have to finish this next year!
Be safe tonight!

Day 5 hours: 3 hours

Total hours so far: 22 hours (That’s just building the cabinet, much more in the software side. I’ll talk more about that later)

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