Day 4. It’s a couple of days after Christmas. Every time I pull into my garage and see the cabinet I want to get to working on it, but there are only so many hours in the day!

So, today I filled in the screw and nail holes with wood putty. Wood putty is great stuff, it covers a bunch of bad cuts! I also built and installed the drawer where the keyboard and mouse and such will go. In addition I cut and framed the opening at the base that will hold the coin slots and give access to the computer and other consoles.

The drawer was a bit tricky because I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do this part. Many of the cabinet plans I’ve looked at had the drawer that came out and then the front of the drawer was hinged so create a more flat area. I decided to just make it more of a regular drawer with sides and attach the front because I don’t figure I’ll be using the keyboard and mouse very much. It really should only be used for troubleshooting and such anyways. I’ll have the computer on the network so I’ll be able to remote to it to do more extensive work if I need to.

I got the drawer hardware from Home Depot for about $7 for both sides. It comes in different sizes and I got the 18″ set. It went together easily. Remember when cutting the actual bottom of the drawer that it will have to be about 1″ short of the inside depth to make room for the drawer hardware. In the shot below I haven’t made the rest of the drawer yet, all it has is the bottom of the drawer basically. I’ll add the front and some sides later.

So, I was talking about tools and how much easier the nail gun my brother-in-law brought over made things. Well guess what I got for Christmas? A nail gun! Whoo hoo! So it came with a compressor, 2 nail guns and a staple gun. Oh and it’s cool!

Here it is with the drawer built.

Here it is from the front with the drawer closed and the front on the bottom area.

From the back…

Grey primer…

Another shot of the nail gun and compressor…

This stuff covers up a bunch of mistakes!

Here it is at the end of Day 4.  The white patches is just dust.

Day 4 hours: 4 hours

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