John MayerJohn Mayer is one of the few artists I’ve found that I can listen to over and over and over. Room for Squares came out in 2001 and I can still queue it up in good ol Winamp and listen to it over and over. Heavier Things came out in 2003 and I’m still listening to it as well. There’s not much music from 2001 and even 2003 that I will listen to that much. I’m also not much of a live cd listener. However, for some reason I can listen to John’s live stuff and enjoy it just as much. His Any Given Thursday Live cd is great. This cd called Try! featuring The John Mayer Trio is no exception.

The John Mayer Trio formed last year when John was scheduled to play for the Tsunami Aid benefit. John had been playing with Steve Jordan on drums and they decided to get Pino Palladino to play the bass with them. John described what happened when they began rehearsing for the benefit, “…something happened that I had hoped my entire life would happen, which is that thing about how a band got together for the first time, and everyone in the room just knew there was something special. When it became me, Steve and Pino, it became this whole different thing.”

If I had a criticism of John and his music it would be the occasional use of cuss words. It’s not necessary and leaving them out would in no way lessen his incredible talent on the guitar nor his awesome voice.