While trying to figure out a different problem I found that you can email multiple photos from IOS 4.
Some of you might be saying, duh, but I just figured it out so hush.  This might even have been available in previous versions of the OS but I haven’t tested it to figure it out.

I’ve been just emailing one photo at a time by selecting a photo and then selecting the little box with an arrow icon.

When you are on the screen with the thumbnails of your photos hit the little box with an arrow in the upper right hand corner which allows you to select multiple photos.
After you select those you want to email hit the share button (on the iPad it says email not share).  This opens a new email with the selected photos in it.

It’s a silly thing but something I’ve wanted to do for awhile.

My original problem is that the photos that are emailed are not situated in portrait mode even if you take the picture in portrait mode.
So all of these photos end up rotated to the left when I post them to Facebook and to my website.  I’m still looking for a solution to this one.
If anyone knows of a fix let me know!