Remodeling a bathroom is no small project. I’m finally down to the final stretch. I feel like I’ve been in the bathroom for weeks now. This all started about 6 weeks ago as we decided to rip out all of the old yucky yellow tile from our bathroom. I wish I had had the smarts to take a before shot, but I didn’t. I took a couple of shots after we had begun the project and now you can see the final results. I still have some paint trimming and a little bit of grout work on the floor in front of the tub to do. It’s a huge relief to finally step back and see the progress. Here’s all of the things we did:

  • Removed all the yellow tile from around the bath tub and around the toilet.
  • Put up bead-board and trim around the toilet
  • Replaced the baseboards
  • Painted the walls and ceiling
  • Removed a header like piece from above the shower/bath tub
  • Replaced the bath tub
  • Replaced the plumbing for the shower head, knob and spout
  • Replaced the faucet on the sink
  • Fixed the tile on the floor in front of the tub
  • Re-tiled the shower/tub area
  • Fixed part of the wall and floor around the tub that had water damage
  • Replaced light fixture above sink
  • Much more that I’m probably leaving out!

Here’s some during and after shots: (click on the smaller versions to see a larger view)

View #1

View #2