sodaThis past Friday marks 6 weeks with no pop, soda, coke or whatever you like to call those caffinated and carbonated beverages. My goal is 90 days so I’m half way to that. I’ve taken 3 maybe 4 sips of non-caffinated Root Beer, but apart from that I haven’t had anything caffinated. I have had alot of lemonade in various forms. It seems that most restaraunts only sell lemonade apart from pop and tea. I have found a couple that sell Powerade, which is good too. I’ve also drank a number of different juice drinks. My sugar intake is probably only a little less than before.

I have noticed a marginal difference in energy and have lost a little weight. I think at 60 days I’m going to go strickly water for the last 30 days of this little experiment. I haven’t decided if I’ll go back to drinking pop after this or not. I’m sure I’ve saved a little money because I normally bought at least one 12 pack a week of either Mt. Dew or Dr. Pepper. I have bought some 12 packs of lemonade, but not as much as I used to buy of pop. Brandon read somewhere that it’s at the 2 month mark before you really notice a physical difference. We’ll see I guess.