Earlier this week we checked out the Cisco “Now” Van. The Cisco Network on Wheels (NOW) is a 25-foot mobile showcase equipped with the latest Cisco networking technologies designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The showcase provides hands-on demonstrations of proven integrated networking solutions, which are customizable to your business size and needs. I tried to find some info on Cisco’s site about the Network on Wheels, but couldn’t easily find any. I really like Cisco products, but their website leaves alot to be desired. Do a search on Google and you’ll find lots of info on the seminars.


My first thought was that it was going to be another come check out our stuff and we’ll pressure you to buy it. While there was some sales pitches going on for some of Cisco’s products, it was very informative and usefull. The guy who did the talking was very knowledgeable and we talked extensively about wireless communications and such. Of course he pushed the reasons why Cisco’s wireless access points were so much better than everyone else’s.


One of the topics we touched on was WPA2 and how you should be using it for wireless security. I hadn’t messed with it much, so when I got back to the office I decided to turn it on in a Linksys WRT54GC access point we had. Then I used a Sony Vaio with a built in Intel 2200gb wireless adapter and Windows XP Pro with SP2. Using the Windows Wireless configuration tool I couldn’t get it to connect to the access point. If I changed the security to WPA it would connect just fine, but not with WPA2. So I went and found the latest drivers on Intel’s site. Still didn’t work. Then for some reason I decided to use the Intel Wireless utility and found I was able to connect. Hmmm… If I switched back to the Windows configuration utility, still no connection. I generally turn off any extra utilties and such that I don’t need so I don’t normally use the Intel utility to configure the wireless.
So, I went and did Windows updates and got everything there was and tried the WPA2 connection again, still not working.
Out comes trusty Google and did a search for WPA2 and Windows and found this link to Microsoft’s site. Why this isn’t included in normal Windows updates I’m not sure. It’s dated April of 05 so it’s not brand new. After installing this update the Windows Wireless config utility connects and recognizes the WPA2 protected access point just fine.
I found the following very informative article that talks about WPA2 and the differences between it and WPA.