MediaCenterShotI’ve been into Windows Media Center a lot lately. It really started awhile back when our DVD player quit. It was a cheap DVD player from Walmart so I wasn’t surprised that it only lasted about 6 months. Shortly before that I had a DVD/VCR combo and the DVD drive died in it as well. So instead of buying another DVD player I thought I’d get a PC hooked up to my TV and give Windows Media Center a try. Boy, I was surprised. Media Center is super sharp and super easy to use. I’ve used ATI All-In-Wonder video cards for several years. Their TV software has come along ways from when it started but Microsoft’s Media Center just kills their software and works way better.

Scheduling TV shows to record is a snap and having such easy access to my music on my TV is heavenly. Not to mention the many other features, like viewing pictures, listening to FM radio and the other online parts to it.

So I was poking around this week and finding some new Media Center stuff and found the following interesting items:

For a good thorough review of Media Center check out Brandon’s post on