logoThis may not be news to some of you, but I just found it so it’s news to me. While poking around some blogs I found a link to live.com and being the adventurer I am I followed the link.

What I found was a site called Windows Live beta. From the live.com blog: “Live.com is about three things:
1. The best place to search on the web. There are many ways where this is true today and we still have many areas to improve upon.
2. A personalized portal. This is the thing we are doing the most of today because most of the technology is available. It’s all about customization and control, themes, layouts, content, etc. Make it yours.
3. Get the benefits of Windows and Windows Live services. Today we have a dashboard with interactive mini-applications called gadgets where you can have easy access to the Windows Live services that matter most to you.”
You can read more on their blog here. I realize that this is certainly nothing new and that Microsoft is doing what it does alot, which is imitate stuff that is already out there. Google has it’s personalized home portal which looks very similiar. I used it for awhile, but it tended to be somewhat slow to me. So I’m going to try this for awhile and see how it performs. Besides that I have wanted to give Microsoft’s search engine a spin but never liked the MSN home page at all. They do also have a clean version of their search engine as well taking from Google’s cue of a nice clean page. I like the idea of a portal where you can customize the contents, but being the picky person I am, never really took to any of the portals out there.