White tree

Yet another shot from my nature walk day from a couple of weeks ago. It’s time to get out and do some shooting. I did some snapshot kinda stuff of family over the past couple of days. Nothing I’d really post though. This shot struck me because of the sharpness and colors. I didn’t do anything apart from resize it for the web. I need to learn to slow down and be more aware af settings and such so I don’t have to do much editing. Not that editing is bad, but I tend to shoot away and go to fast. I think it’s probably one of the downfalls to digital photography because there is no worry about wasting money on film. This is a good and bad thing in my opinion. Brandon and I attended a meeting of a local camera club and one of the ladies said something that has stuck in my mind. She said to use your tripod as much as possible because it helps your shots be more sharp and it causes you to slow down.