OutlookI downloaded Microsoft Office 2007 beta 2 and have to say it’s great so far. One thing that was kind of annoying is that everytime you open Outlook 2007 it prompts you to download an update to Microsoft’s Desktop Search. I tried that and with the version it wants you to install I kept getting an access denied message. So, after some playing and watching the install I found that the access denied message is related to registry keys that the installation package is trying to update that for some reason are not accessable. I tweaked the permissions on several registry keys and was able to finally get the install to work. After the install went through though the desktop search seemed to disappear.

Finally I decided to uninstall the desktop search and figured I’d just deal with the prompt to install it. After some poking around I found a place in the options to turn off that prompt. Goto Tools/Options/Other tab/Advanced Options and uncheck “Prompt to install Desktop Search.”

Maybe once the Desktop Search goes from 3.0 beta to stable release this will work better and I may go ahead and install it again. For now, I don’t really do that much searching of my desktop.