– 40 great cooking tips


Sometimes clicking on links on websites and doing Google searches can get you to information and sites you don’t normally visit.  Articles on technology can end up taking you to searching for a movie which can take you to an actor in the movie which can take you to another movie and then somehow you end up on a cooking website reading an article about cooking mistakes.  It’s part of the magic, usefulness and possible dangers of the Internet. 
So, the other evening that’s where I ended up, on a cooking site reading an article about common cooking mistakes.  I don’t do much actual cooking myself.  I do a lot of grilling but I generally leave the cooking to my wife, who is an excellent cook.  I hadn’t heard of cooking bacon in the oven on a wire rack with a cookie pan underneath to get better bacon.  Or, that you should shock vegetables after boiling to keep them from continuing to cook themselves.  These and other tips are at  It’s a good read and contains useful information.