I use Symantec Backup Exec 12 and Symantec Endpoint Protection Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware products. Recently Liveupdate quit working and it wasn’t downloading virus definition updates. This was normally an automatic process that I didn’t have to mess with, but once I saw the dates on our virus definitions looked old I jumped in to investigate. Running Liveupdate manually I would get an error message that said “LU1863: There is not enough free disk space…”. That’s odd, my server’s C drive has 35gb free, D drive has 130gb and E drive has 1.2 terrabytes free. I’d say that’s plenty of free disk space.

I uninstalled Liveupdate to no avail. I found the Liveupdate config program and emptied the cache again to no avail. After some investigating I found that the LU1863 error could actually be a communications problem, not a hard drive space problem. So, what’s changed lately? Well last week I installed GFI Webmonitor on my network to do some monitoring. Well, that ended up being the culprit. I went to the Whitelist and added * and away the Liveupdate went!