Standing still

As I was walking along this deer and a smaller one stepped out into the creek and were drinking water. I had my shorter lens on and was a good distance from them. I slowly and quietly changed lenses and snapped a few, but they just seemed too far away. So I slowly crept along the edge hiding behind trees. Every so often they would pause and look my way but they didn’t take off. So I moved in closer and closer. Then I paused and snapped this one which turned out the best. I had to crop it because I was down in some trees and brush without a totally clear view. I started moving closer when they either heard or smelled me and they left in a hurry. There was another moment when I was sitting on the railroad tracks shooting when a larger deer stepped out onto the tracks not far from me but too far for the 50mm. I went to change my lens and as I lifted it up to shoot he took off.