I’m probably the pickiest laptop user in the world.  There’s never been a laptop that I have used that I haven’t complained about.  I’ve used many different brands, Sony, Gateway, Asus, Toshiba, Dell and IBM.  Up to now my favorite has been Sony.  My sony has been getting warm on the keyboard and I just couldn’t tollerate it any longer.  So I hunted around and finally purchased a MacBook.  Now, before you pick your jaw up off the floor, I’m not using Mac OS X (most who know me know I’m a Microsoft fan boy!).  I’ve installed Windows Vista on it.  I’ve used OS X long enough to install a few apps and then run Boot Camp to install Windows.

The MacBook runs Windows Vista beautifully and the laptop is well designed.  There are a few Window’s things you have to work around, but overall it’s great.  Here are a few tips and tricks.

  • Right click – put 2 fingers on the trackpad and hit the mouse button.
  • Delete button – Sounds weird because there is a delete button on the keyboard, but it acts as a backspace.  Hold down the FN button while hitting delete and it will actually delete.
  • Home and End buttons – hold the FN button while hitting left arrow for Home and right arrow for end.
  • Insert button – hold the FN and hit Enter
  • Scrolling on the trackpad – use 2 fingers anywhere on the touchpad and you can scroll up and down.
  • Print screen button – FN-Shift-F11

One thing I haven’t figured out that’s bugging me is being able to tap click on the touch pad.  I’m betting Apple will fix this in Boot camp shortly.