Have you ever had the problem of an application that needs to be running on a server that accidentally doesn’t get turned on because the server wasn’t logged into a user? We have one such animal.
Every now and then we’d reboot the server and forget to log it back in so that the application would launch. Then it’s Saturday and we get a phone call wondering why such and such isn’t working. So I did a little Googling and found a couple of solutions that will install an application as a NT Service. The one I ended up going with is from Eltima Software. It was super easy to get up and running. There are a few free options out there but they weren’t quite as easy to setup. This one is $79.95 for a single license and they have cheaper prices for more licenses, so the price is reasonable. One note of caution is that the account that is used to run the application is an important setting. It looked as though the application was running, but I wasn’t getting some of the results that I should have been and there were no error messages. After some tinkering and thinking it through I realized that it was using the system account to run the application and then trying to use that application to gain network access to some resources and wasn’t able to. Now if either of us MIS Guys forgets to logon the server, which is actually a security risk anyways, the needed application will still sit there and run faithfully.