passwordResetSomething happened to one of my Pixelpost installations making my password not work. No problem, I figured I’ll just do the forgot password thing and it should reset my password. Except that didn’t work, I keep getting a error message that says “Database error: Updating the new password failed.” Hmmmm….what now. I remember reading somewhere that if you lose your password you are pretty much hosed.

So I went to the Pixelpost forums and poked around. Joey from team Pixelpost had left this SQL command for someone else who was having a problem with their password:

UPDATE pixelpost_config SET `password`=MD5(‘*****’)

Change the asterix to your desired new password. You’ll need to run this from within something like phpMyAdmin where you can run SQL commands. Once I did this I was able to get in and work. The reset password function still doesn’t work, but it’s no big deal since I can do it this way.