I installed a fresh copy of Fedora 10 (which I’m thinking is my favorite Linux distro so far) on my laptop and have been seeing what all I can and can’t do that I normally do on a regular basis.  Right away I wanted to use Remote Desktop to connect to my Windows Server 2008 box.  Well, I coulnd’t find a Remote Desktop client.  I jumped on Google and found mention of RDesktop.  I managed to get that installed and it worked, but I had to launch a terminal prompt and type rdesktop [ServerName].

I poked around some more and found mention of TSClient.  I had gone to the Add/Remove Software tool and searched for remote desktop and rdp and a number of other things, but hadn’t thought to search for TSClient.  It makes sense now that I think about it since remote desktop is also called Terminal Services.

Anyways, to get a GUI based Remote Desktop client search for TSClient and install that.  As a bonus it also installs a VNC viewer as well, which is another tool I use.