RemoteHave you ever deleted an icon to a program, especially some Windows utiltity and couldn’t figure out how to get it back? That’s what I did to the Remote Desktop Connection icon, actually I’ve done it several times. I have a certain way I like my start menu and it’s totally different than it comes by default on a fresh install of XP. I’m a bit wierd like that.

To simply run the desktop connection from run on the start menu type “mstsc” and hit enter. To re-create the icon, right click where you want the icon and select new/shortcut. In the “type the location of the item” box type “mstsc”. Hit enter and type the name you want the icon to have and you’re done. You can now easily go about your desktop connected merry way.

Here’s another quick one for if you delete the Netmeeting icon. I don’t use netmeeting as much as I used to, but you can goto run and type “conf”. Use the above steps and replace the “mstsc” with “conf” and you’ll have your Netmeeting icon back and ready for action.