I’ve been reading a great book called “The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers” and I’ve picked up a number of useful tips and tricks. One great one that I thought I’d share is how to add more canvas area using the crop tool. The author of the book Scott Kelby goes on to explain how to do this. When you have the image open that you want to add canvas area to hit the F key to reveal the grey desktop area around your image. Hit D to set your background color to the default of white. Click on the crop tool and create a crop selection within the image. The size and shape of it does not matter much at this point. Once you have your crop selection area you can then resize the selection outside of the borders of your image to include the area you want to add. Hit enter and the new white canvas area will be added to your image. Pretty cool huh? Thanks to Scott Kelby for his excellent book. There are many many more tips and tricks in his book. Even after using Photoshop for several years I’ve learned numerous new things to help with post processing.