When going out to shoot water by a river or lake make sure you bring along some bug spray. The makers of Off! have some handy wipes that you can easily fit in your camera bag and take along with you. This is especially important if you are going to be shooting by the water around sunset, because the mosquito’s and other little impolite creatures will work you over! On a camping trip this past weekend I spent some time as the sun was setting getting long exposures by a river. I had thankfully sprayed myself with Off! and still managed to get a couple of decent bites. Although I managed to keep the bugs away for the most part I didn’t get as many decent shots as I had hoped for.

Update: 06/21/2006 I didn’t take my own advice and went out shooting in some tall grass. I now have a bite from a spider or tick on the back of my leg that is a large dark color now. I ended up going to the doctor and getting some prescriptions (anti-biotic and one with cortisone). It’s much easier to give advice than to take advice, especially taking your own advice.