Earlier today my Blackberry Curve quit receiving any data services at all.  The internet didn’t work, email didn’t work, nothing worked related to data.  I thought at first maybe it was a Blackberry outage of some sort.  After a couple of hours I figured it must be something else.

So, I did the first thing any good troubleshooter should do…reboot.  I removed the battery and reset the phone.  No luck, I can place phone calls, but no data services.

Ok, maybe some application is messed up and causing the problem.  I go to the Blackberry options and under the security settings I wiped the phone, first without erasing third party applications and the second time I erased everything.  No luck.  Still no data services.  I can’t activate the Blackberry on our enterprise server and nothing works except for making phone calls.  I get an error message “service connection is unavailable” when trying to activate on the enterprise server.

I finally resorted to calling Alltel.
The girl on the phone says hit the green button.
I did it.
Do you see something that says line 2?
Yes I do, it says Line 2: 417 xxx xxxx (my phone number).
She says ok, scroll up and click where it says Line 2.
I do and then a list appears that says Line 1 and below it Line 2.
Select Line 1 she says.

As soon as I select Line 1 the up and down arrows start flashing and an email pops in.  Sheesh.  That’s all I needed to do?
The little 1XEV also popped up in the upper right of the screen by the bars indicating signal strength.

Kinda wierd, but at least now I know if it happens again!