Navy Pier

Continuing with shots from my trip to Chicago. This is a combination of two shots down the right side of the Navy Pier in Chicago. The shots together end up unbalanced, but I wanted to show you some more of Chicago, plus you can see to the far right the lighthouse from a previous shot. This is the same section of walkway, although several hundred feet to the right, that I shot the lighthouse so you get an idea as to how far away from it I was.

The Navy Pier is an interesting place. It’s a section of land that jutts out into lake Michigan and down the right side of it (as you are facing lake Michigan) there are shops and restaurants and many boats docked. Along the top is a large carousel, mini golf and other attractions.

It’s particularly neat when you get out to the farthest point and you are looking out into the lake. It’s a great place to just take a seat and watch the birds and water and take it all in. Very peaceful and soothing. Every now and then they’ll have a band playing Jazz or some type of music out near the end as well. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in Chicago.