In the beginning...

I’ve read alot of books in my life. Some on photography (I certainly need to read more of these.) Some on computers. Some fiction. Some non-fiction. But this is the book I’ve read the most and continue to turn to. It’ll change your life if you let it.

There was a discussion the other day on Chromasia about photography as either being or not being an art. A comment was made that art is only art if it “challenges ideas and preconceptions.” Like David from Chromasia said “I think this is an overly restrictive and highbrow definition…” But, isn’t that something to attempt to do from time to time? To challenge a person…to elicite some response? Sometimes it’s just a “hmmm” or maybe a “wow.”

I guess my point is, what does this photograph elicite in you? Maybe it’s joy and comfort. Maybe it’s anger or pitty. The book itself is nothing but ink and paper. But, the message that the ink conveys demands a response.