I am 1 year old!

Wow, today is officially my 1 year birthday. I wasn’t sure when I started this a year ago that I’d keep it up. I actually managed to post 1 picture every day (some might have been better off not posted!). I actually have more than 365 pictures posted, because early on I posted extra shots for some challenges.
Thanks to all of the people who commented through out the year. Some of you have stuck around consistently for awhile and it’s much appreciated. I have to say that I’ve been very slack lately in getting around and commenting on other people’s shots. I could list the reasons why I haven’t, but they are the same reasons that all of you have experienced I’m sure. Add laziness to the list and you’ve got it covered! I’m making it a goal to get around and comment more.
All of your shots have helped me at times when I didn’t feel like going on and shooting more. Seeing the wonderful talent out there certainly is a help. Thanks again and let’s see what we can come up with in the next year!