Fast subway

The subway in Chicago is superfast! :) We’ve become pro’s at getting around Chicago during our several trips there. Using the buses and subway you can get around pretty well.

Some facts about the transit system: CTA has approximately 2,000 buses that operate over 152 routes and 2,273 route miles. Buses provide about 1 million passenger trips a day and serve more than 12,000 posted bus stops. CTA’s 1,190 rapid transit cars operate over seven routes and 222 miles of track. CTA trains provide about 500,000 customer trips each day and serve 144 stations.

There was a little bit of a scare while we were in Chicago this last time. One of the Metra trains, which are kinda like the subway but faster with less stops, derailed and a couple of people died. We weren’t on any of the Metra trains this time, but the last time we were there we had jumped on one of them.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who voted for me on Photofriday. I got a noteworthy for the Blur competition. Thanks again!