aximEver since I’ve had the Axim x51v I’ve had a couple of issues that have irritated me.

Firstly the device would mysteriously lose either the SD or CF slot altogether. Sometimes it would lose both. After a reset they would return.

Secondly, sometimes the device just would not turn on. Even though the battery had plenty of charge.

Thirdly, the battery would periodically drain itself dead after being off for a day or two.

Apart from these issues I’ve been extremely pleased with this handheld and it’s easily the best out of the many Pocket PC and Palm handhelds. The battery life is good, the screen is great, the BlueTooth and Wife work great. I love that it has both a SD slot and a CF slot. The shape and design are great and the device itself is solidly built.

So, needless to say I was estatic when I found this posting on Each of the above issues and a couple of others are said to be fixed by their little work-around. Apparently all of these issues are caused by the Activesync application on the handheld attempting to do a sync even though it’s not on the dock. Basically the fix is setting up an exchange server link and changing the sync timing to manual. If you actually do use an exchange server link to update your info on the pocket pc then you have to change the sync frequency to manual. The only downside to this is you have to trigger the sync on your own, which I actually prefer myself.

I made the change 2 days ago and I haven’t lost my SD nor CF card yet and the battery is still showing full charge. It’ll take another week or so to see if this really has fixed the above problems.