This was a weird one.  I’m surfing the web this evening and web pages are acting funny and I start getting certificate errors on a few websites.  Ok, this can happen from time to time when a website fails to renew their certificate and such.  But  And several other huge sites?  I’ve been using Google Chrome so I figure it’s just acting up.  I clear my history and open and close it…still getting errors.  I open Internet Explorer, same thing certificate errors on most all websites.  I clear it’s history and reset it back to defaults.  After a few Google searches someone in a forum mentions the date and time on your computer might be off.  Sure enough.  My date was set back 2 months.  Set the correctly and voila.  No more certificate errors.  Weird.  My Dell XPS 15Z laptop started having a line of dead pixels on the screen.  Dell promptly sent a replacement screen and a technician out the next day onsite to fix it.  They put in the wrong display and left something rattling around inside.  The very next day they had another technician replace the screen and fix the rattling which turned out to be the CMOS battery.  I guess they unplugged it during the repair and it changed the date on my laptop which caused the certificate errors.