After messing with IIS and experimenting with ASP and stuff my IIS had become wacky.  So I decided to uninstall it and re-install.  The uninstall seemed to go ok but when I tried to reinstall I kept getting an error message that said “An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed.”  That was it, no details or clues as to what was going on.

So, I did the first thing you should always do when troubleshooting, reboot.

After a reboot I still got the error message.  So I busted out the next thing you should always do when troubleshooting…I Googled it.  The first few links were dead ends and then I found the answer in a forum.

Un-install the “Windows Process Activation Service”.  Reboot.  Reinstall IIS and I’m back in business.

What is the Windows Process Activation Service?  Well defines it as “WPAS manages application pools and worker processes running on your machine for both HTTP and non-HTTP requests.”  I vaguely understand what that means, but the important part is my IIS problem is fixed.