I’m not sure how I missed this one.  I remember trying Teracopy a couple of years ago but for the life of me I don’t remember why I didn’t keep using it.
Now that I’ve installed it again I wonder how I’ve got along without it all this time!  I have my usual utilities I install (Notepad++, Filezilla, Firefox, VNC, etc.) and now I’ll add Teracopy to that list.
Windows file copying is better than it used to be for sure but Teracopy just puts the polish on this highly used task.
I’m always copying files here and there and moving them and Teracopy just does a better job of it.  It’s faster, it has error recovery (one of the biggest frustrations with the built in Windows copying), pause and resume and more.  Head over to their website and check it out.  It’s free though there is a paid version that adds a bit more functionality that I haven’t tried but am very tempted to.