Railroad thing

Railroad thing

It seems that I tend to push the colors up all the time so I thought I’d try the opposite without fully desaturating the image. I like the subtlty of the color here. This kicks off a series of railroad related pictures. The railroad has a certain fasci

Church steeple…

Church steeple...

I think I’ve said this before, but I love old church buildings. I like new ones too, but the old ones seem to have so much character. We don’t have old old buildings like in other countries. I’d like to re-visit Germany and England and areas like that.

Chicken little

Chicken little

I’ve broken the cookie thing for the comments section. I’ll fix it tommorrow. I’m trying to get the comment submit to return to the comments page instead of going to a confirmation page. It’s working, but the cookie thing quit working! grrrr… Ok, I

The forest floor…

The forest floor...

It was so peaceful and seemed so far removed from the noise and traffic of the city and work. Not that Springfield is a huge city like St. Louis or even bigger, Chicago. I think my wife would kill me if we lived in a city of that size.