Around Springfield

Photos of and around Springfield, Missouri

Park Bench
Springfield Symphony
Park Bridge
Christmas Lights
Somewhere Downtown
Silver Dollar City Christmas 2018
Lines in the Woods
Swimming in a circle – Wonders of Wildlife Museum
High Street Baptist Church Worship
Where Ever I Go
Stress Relief
Breathing In Outside
August Evening
All Saints Anglican Church
Curvey Road
Looking Up
First & Calvary, Springfield MO
No Trespassing
New Used and Abused
Missouri Countryside
Ballew Saw & Tool
Moody Downtown
Drury University Chapel
Taylor’s Steakburgers
Control Children
McDaniel Lake
Sunset Geese
All Saints Anglican Church
Sequiota Park Bench
Sequiota Park
Winter Park Walk
Fall Evening
Leaving Springfield
It’s about to rain
Up stream feet
Cave Creek
Donkey Kong player
Pinball player
The warmth on my skin
Nature Center Bridge
A summer evening walk
The Woods
The Bridge
The road goes ever onward
Wandering around downtown
Spring evening
Sunshine Adagio in D Minor
Pirate Love
Brick pizza ovens at Millsap Farm
Foot bridge
Foot bridge
Seminole Baptist Church
Clouds from a couple of days ago
Along the railroad
Japanese Garden Black and White
Reflection of Summer’s fading
Red Leaves
Downtown Fountain
Nature Center walk
Relient K Concert
Missouri Windmill
Tree in the Garden
Missouri field
Swimming Laps
Graceway Baptist Church
Cambell storm brewing
Close Memorial Park Garden
Clouds and power lines
Winter Jam 2013
Winter Jam 2013
Winter Jam 2013
Mini Golf
March snow
Icey School Sign
Andy’s Frozen Custard
Big Fat Burritos
Chinese Chef
Downtown Springfield MO
Dogwood 2
Red Barn
One dead bulb
I love you
Library time
Chocked Wheels