Around Springfield

Photos of and around Springfield, Missouri

No Secret
Eurasia Coffee Shop
The Barista
Walking in Shadows
Purple Paint
When will we meet again
Somebody is watching me…
Don’t Let Any 1 Dull Ur Sparkle
Fake Teeth
Springfield, MO Statue of Liberty
Queen City
Big Piney Rocks
Pink Sugar Cookies
Good Days
Lamp Post in the Woods
25 MPH
Petunias Popping
Rose Garden
Feels like a Song
Welcome to the Planet
Away from here
My Nightmares Are Weird
No Space Between Us
Why did you leave me?
Very Old Friends
Looks like Kingsfoil
Citizens Building
No Swimming
Say It Now
Springfield Downtown
Stop All The Ways
Let’s Eat
Shades Guy
Concerning Hobbits
Springfield Nature Center
Hotel Vandivort – Springfield MO
Call Me
Along C Street
Heal Me
More Than Music
Downtown Door
Do Good
Out Front
St Louis Street Springfield MO
Open Your Eyes
Active Roots
Noo Icitors
Broken Tracks
All The Tomatoes
Letters They Shared
Sam the Second
Finding Clouds
1981 Was Awhile Ago
I Said To Much
Dress Out Fashions
Chasing Clouds
Following The Squirrel
You Are Beautiful
Future Home
Take It Back
Bird Resort
Something To Hold Onto
Bridge Graffiti
Bridge over green water
Foot Bridge
Lake Trail
Eurasia Coffee Shop
Drink and Eat – Eurasia Coffee Shop
Downtown Springfield
Evening Walk
The Book Shop on Walnut
Coffee Shop, Springfield MO
Keep Out
Springfield Church
Building Together
Spring Downtown
Never Take It
Downtown Springfield
Old Courthouse
Downtown Springfield
Statue of Liberty – Springfield, MO
I don’t know what happened here
By That Church
Frozen Lake
Fresh Snow
Peaceful Evening
Downtown Evening