Run an application as a NT Service

Have you ever had the problem of an application that needs to be running on a server that accidentally doesn’t get turned on because the server wasn’t logged into a user? We have one such animal.
Every now and then we’d reboot the server and forget to log it back in so that the application would launch. Then it’s Saturday and we get a phone call wondering why such and such isn’t working. So I did a little Googling and found a couple of solutions that will install an application as a NT Service. The one I ended up going with is from Eltima Software. It was super easy to get up and running. There are a few free options out there but they weren’t quite as easy to setup. This one is $79.95 for a single license and they have cheaper prices for more licenses, so the price is reasonable. One note of caution is that the account that is used to run the application is an important setting. It looked as though the application was running, but I wasn’t getting some of the results that I should have been and there were no error messages. After some tinkering and thinking it through I realized that it was using the system account to run the application and then trying to use that application to gain network access to some resources and wasn’t able to. Now if either of us MIS Guys forgets to logon the server, which is actually a security risk anyways, the needed application will still sit there and run faithfully.

March of the Penguins

I liked it. Short and sweet huh? The March of the Penguins offers a different experience for movie goers. It’s not your typical Hollywood blockbuster filled with action, sex and cursing. The only actors are penguins. It had it’s slow moments, but overall it was very good. Hopefully Hollywood gets the message that a movie doesn’t have to cost a hundred million to be good and to be profitable. Take Primer for instance. It was filmed on $7000. That wouldn’t pay the caterer at most Hollywood productions most likely. The story could use some polishing, but it was a very well done movie. No big name actors, but much thought and heart went into that movie. It’s time to wake up and realize that movie goers don’t want what is being pushed out on them.

Realtek HD Audio crackling

Ok, it’s kinda funny how things go. I wrote the previous post about 6 hours ago, telling you how I really liked the new laptop and no problems so far. 2 hours later I started having problems with my laptop. I have a DVD I’m going to play tommorrow. I’m going to hook the laptop up to a TV and run it through there using the S-Video out function. I found that it’s really easy to turn on the S-Video output on this laptop by using the fn key and the key that has lcd/tv on it. Cool, works great. I planned on running the sound out of the laptops audio output into the TV. Here’s were the problems begin. The laptop has two 1/4″ jacks. One is labeled mic the other s/pdif. I pause for a minute because spdif is Sony Philips digital interface. I want a normal analog output from this, but I figure it probably has a setting to make it analog or digital and I plug it in. Nothing, no sound. I grab some headphones, nothing. Hmm. I grab the drivers cd that came with the laptop and run the audio install. A couple of reboots later I have audio out of it. I pop in the DVD and it’s messed up. There’s popping and it seems like the DVD is running at 1/2 speed or something. Hmmmm. I uninstall the DVD software, it’s called ASUS DVD. Basically it’s a LE version of Cyberlink’s Power DVD. I re-install it and audio is the same. MP3s work fine, DVD not so fine. I install a copy of WinDVD, no audio at all now. Install a regular version of Power DVD 6, popping and crackling. Hmmmm. I do a Google (is that really a verb?) on Realtek and find their site and download their HD Audio driver. A couple of reboots later, pop the DVD back in and voila it’s working. So, if you are having wierd audio problems with a Realtek HD audio soundchip head over to their website and download the latest driver. Why is it that laptop manufacturers are so bad about keeping updated drivers on their sites? My Gateway laptop was the same way. Thank you Realtek for not making me rely on my laptop manufacturer! :)

Laptop choice

Ok, I’ve had my new laptop for 2 weeks now and i really like it, I haven’t had any problems so far! My previous laptop was not bad at all it was just a year and a half old. It was a Pentium M 1.3 ghz. This new laptop is a Pentium M 2.0 and I can tell the difference in speed.

asus laptop

I’m still trying to get used to the resolution though. My old laptop’s resolution was 1280 x 720, my new laptop is 1680 x 1050! Read my previous post for the specs. The physical size is a little bigger than my last laptop with the same size screen, but the weight is actually a little less. I can definetly recomend the Power Pro laptops. They are built on a Asus motherboard which is what I prefer on desktop machines as well. You can check them out at The sales rep was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. You can generally tell the sales people who sound like they just came from a meeting, spouting lingo and words they really don’t understand. But the guy I talked to knew his stuff.

long time no write

Well…I thought I’d write more here than I have been. My classes start Monday and I’m not so sure i’m ready to be attending class again! I’m hoping it’ll provide some shooting opportunities as well! Time to go relax a little before getting into the books next week. I rented the movie Guess Who with Bernie Mac. I’ll tell ya later if it’s any good or not.

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