Green Eyed Bug

Green Eyed Bug

I don’t really like bugs. I was out shooting by a stream and heard this guy fly past my head. It sounded like a huge bee. It’s alot bigger than it looks here that’s for sure. Right after I shot a bunch of him sitting like this I watched him take off and tackle a moth mid air. He took the moth and it looked like he was shaking the life out of him. Then I got a bit too close and he flew to another bush while carrying the moth. Here is a shot of him holding the moth while hanging from a leaf with one leg. I thought about making this a seperate post but it’s kinda gross and I didn’t want to look at it for a whole day! I’m not sure what this thing is, it seemed like a cross between a dragon fly and a spider. I was surprised at how close I was able to get to him. For awhile he really seemed to be posing for me. :)

Bel Air

Bel Air

Finally a picture of a car that’s not old and rusted! :) There was a car show close to my house so I took my kids and there were tons of new and old restored cars. Check out for more automobile pictures including more shots from this car show. is an extension of and where we post series of pictures.



Did you like Switchfoot’s last CD? The Beautiful Letdown is easily in my top 5 favorite CDs. They have a new CD called Nothing Is Sound, and from what I’ve heard so far its really good.

Not sure if it’ll match the last one but it’s hard sometimes when you have such a hit to come back and do it as well a second time. Jars Of Clay’s first CD was like that, totally new and fresh and while I thoroughly enjoy all of their music nothing matches their first CD. I’ve only listened to the whole thing once and the second half I was distracted by my kids. The first couple of songs have that wow feel to them. Their website has been redesigned and is looking sharp too. The new CD doesn’t come out until Sept 13th.

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