An old Audi…

An old Audi...

My friend over at found this broken down house with a car sitting inside. We”ve been meaning to get over to it and shoot some pictures but hadn”t had the chance. Well we finally got off our duffs and went, only to find two barb wire fe

Peppers and Olive Oil

Peppers and Olive Oil

I built a lightbox and have been experimenting. I’m not entirely sure these two are used together. I don’t do much cooking. I liked the colors though and so for my purposes they go together! :)

Wash me…

Wash me...

My car was screaming wash me, wash me. So I obliged and took it to the car wash. As I was sitting there I thought hmmm…I have my camera don’t I? The people waiting in line behind me probably thought I was pretty wierd, but oh well.

The Water Park

The Water Park

This shot was taken at a place my kids affectionetely call “The Water Park.” It’s a public park that has water fountains that shoot up out of the ground and the kids can play in it. I’m sure if you stick around you’ll see some shots from it this summer.