rkIt’s been awhile since I wrote about a new CD that’s made me want to write about. I heard a couple of weeks ago that Relient K had a new CD coming out and it peaked my interest since I like all of their past CDs. But, I hadn’t anticipated the music that’s on this new CD. From the first note I was hooked. From start to finish I’m hooked. I’ve listened to it at least 4 times today while working in my garage.

The music is more of the same fun in-your-face pop-punk goodness. The lyrics, likewise, are more fun and seemingly more mature without being too all-grown up.

The second track “Come Right Out and Say it” speaks greatly to me. We are all to often keeping our thoughts and feelings bottled up in favor of avoiding controversy. This is a good thing sometimes, but more often than not it leads to more problems.

The third track entitled “I Need You” has been happily stuck in my head for the past three days. I’ve noticed more than a couple of strange looks as I walk along and (poorly) attempt to sing parts of the song.


There’s not a single song that I find myself wanting to skip. Even the 12 second track called “Crayons can melt on us for all I care” makes me smile each time it comes on. The very first track is a bit puzzling but fun non-the-less as it recounts the words of someone who believes that John Wilkes Booth was wrongly accused of assassinating Abraham Lincoln.

My favorite song, if I had to pick one, is probably the very last song. It’s an 11 minute long song about a man’s life and his reflections upon it on his deathbed. It’s a very moving song that’ll have you reflecting on your life each time you listen to it. The surprise guest at the end of the song was a treat as well. Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman finishes this fantastic song with the words of Jesus and if you don’t tear up at least once while listening to this song then I’d be surprised. It’s especially moving if you’ve ever lost a grandparent to lung cancer. This song easily moves into my list of all time moving and great songs.

So far this is my number 1 pick for best album of 2007. We’ll see if anyone else comes along that can edge it down. I know it’s only March, but this 5th album of Relient K is a fantastic piece of work.

Here’s a couple of quotes from reviews I found on the interweb…

“Five Score features irresistible pop-punk hooks and glorious Beach Boys-style harmonies, all building to an 11 minute mini-rock opera that recalls – and equals- The Who’s “A Quick One While He’s Away.” USA Today – March 6, 2007

“It’s another solid record, but for the first time since I was first introduced to Relient K in the summer of 2000, I find myself looking back in hindsight at all of their previous work. Not that this is any sort of inferior record, but after five albums now, its time to start evaluating where we have been and where we are going.” Josh Taylor JesusFreakHideOut.com

“The CD is huge, sporting fourteen tracks with one great song after another. Deathbed in my opinion is the best song on the CD.” Kevin from CMSpin.com