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Posted by on Jun 15, 2006 in Blog, Photography | 3 comments

Photographer’s Tips #3 – Steady Night Driving Shots

I have always liked the shots from inside a car taken at night. I’ve tried them in the past and just hadn’t been that impressed with the results. I was reading a photography magazine and they had a feature about these types of shots. The writer of the article explained that he took his tripod and set it up in the front area of his car and used that to get his shots. So, I put up my tripod and wedged one leg between the driver and passenger seat, stuck my camera on it and grabbed my remote. Using the remote in combination with the tripod makes it much easier and safer to shoot periodically while driving. I turned off the autofocus and set my focus ring on infinity. The sample below is a 30 second exposure at F13. You can play with different exposure lengths and settings to get the ideal shot. I wish I had a wider angle lens so I could get more in the shot. This shot was done with my lens at 24mm. It seemed to me that the better shots where those where the road stayed straight during the exposure and when I would pass under one or two stop lights.



  1. Have a look at my effort

    I mounted the camera on a tripod and placed the tripod on the passenger seat, with 1 leg extended into the footwell. The other 2 legs were shortened and placed on the seat, with the seatbelt fastened around them. I then moved the passenger seat forward to jam it all nice and tight against the extended leg in the footwell. Then I removed the headrest and sat in the back seat to position the camera and compose the shot. After that it was just a matter of driving around with the remote release in my lap, taking plenty of shots!

  2. Cool tip ! Thanks ! :-)

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