I keep wavering back and forth as to whether I want to even use the this blog or just stick to the photoblog. I’m back to using the blog for now. I just feel like typing I guess. I’m planning on getting up early tommorrow to get some sunrise shots. We’ll see if that actually works. I’m headed out of town for the day for work. I have to go install a Pix firewall and do some tweaks to a remote site we have in another town. I’m kinda happy to go and get out of the office for a day.

David Crowder Band

On another note, I picked up David Crowder Band’s new CD and really like it. I guess my taste in music is really changed because I’m into a lot different groups than I was 3 or 4 years ago. I still like Jars of Clay, but some of the others I used to really like aren’t sounding to great anymore. Stuff like Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman just don’t appeal to me anymore. Lately I’ve been into Switchfoot, David Crowder Band, Shawn McDonald and Lifehouse.