If you read my previous post about the TV and such then you know that I’ve been renting a lot of DVD’s lately. I did that Blockbuster movie pass thing so you pay like $19.95 a month and can have out 2 DVD’s at a time and can bring them back and get as many as you want during the month. So, I’ve been experimenting and getting stuff I’d normally not get just because it’s no big deal if I get a crappy movie I can just return it and get something else tomorrow!


I watched Solaris tonight with George Clooney. It wasn’t that great a movie, but it wasn’t that bad a movie either. Visually it was stunning and well done. The feel of the movie was good too. Acting was good. Story…well…I wasn’t predictable (which is good), it was different (which is good). I don’t know. You watch movies sometimes and by the end you think “dang, what a waste of 2 hours.” And then there are movies when you just say “hmmm…” You don’t have that feeling of, “it was great!” or “it was horrible.” It’s one I would say that I would have been less enthusiastic about it if I had seen it in the theater. I could have done without seeing George Clooney’s rear end though. Apart from that it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. That’s as good as I can do.