I’m not much of one for going to the tech news sites and sifting through all of the articles to find new and useful information. Digg.com is a cool site where people post articles about different topics they find on the internet. You can then read the article and choose to digg it or not.


Articles with the most diggs end up on the front page of the site. If you are familiar with Tech TV and The Screen Savers show then Kevin Rose is a familiar name and face. He started Digg.com and it’s a great place to get news and information. Alex Albrecht (also an old Screen Savers guy) has teamed up with Kevin to do a podcast covering the top stories on Digg. Check out diggnation.com for the podcast. The two of them together is rather entertaining, plus they cover interesting tech articles at the same time. I know that the concept behind Digg is nothing new but I have tried other similiar sites and Digg seems to do a better job and isn’t as clunky.