A free plug-in released this week for Internet Explorer and Firefox allows users to mouse over Web searches for an instant view of the webpage rather than having to wait for the full page to download.

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Browster uses a pre-fetching technology that instantly renders the Web page in less than a second in a new window on top of the original search page.

Links can be clicked in the new window just like it was in a regular browser window. Then easily exit by moving the mouse back to the main search site. Browster works with search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo, and many other sites like eBay and Amazon.com, plus newsgroups and news sites. My only gripe about browster plug-in is the annoying ads at the top of the window. Hopefully Browster will release an ad-free version soon.

Browster is a must download. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out some of the 5 star reviews from popular publications.

“Ever wish it was easier to browse search results? With Browster, it’s much easier.”
PC Magazine*

“One of the year’s coolest innovations.”
Time Magazine

“As you mouse over a link in Google or Yahoo, for example, the HTML page pops up almost instantly. If time is money, then Browster saves money–you don’t have to wait for what could turn out to be useless pages to load.”

“Browster makes for faster browsing… an interesting and useful tool that is all the more valuable because it is free.”
Network World Fusion