What if you plugged your broadband router/modem not into a coaxial cable from the cable company and not into the telephone line from your telephone company and not even into the dish from your satellite company? What if you plugged it into the electrical outlet in the wall?
Broadband internet is a hot commodity and right now there are really only two major players. The utility companies are hoping a new technology that gives your household electricity can soon give you high speed internet as well. A pilot program is underway in select US cities and is said to be in use in Europe. It sounds really great and would be tough competition with DSL and cable providers, but I read something about this several years ago and it has still not seen the light of day. It also faces opposition from the ham radio operators because they claim the service causes interference to their radio transmissions. IBM is said to be helping the push to get it working by giving aid to some of the pilot utility companies trying out the technology. You have to wonder if it’s going to be like Wi-Max, you hear tons of talk about it and don’t ever see it actually implemented. You never know what’s just up around the technology corner though and I could see a lot of people storming to this technology if they were to get it working, Lord knows the DSL and cable companies need some competition to knock them down a notch.

  • Aperture: ƒ/7.1
  • Camera: Canon PowerShot SD100
  • Taken: 14 July, 2005
  • Focal length: 5.40625mm
  • Shutter speed: 1/60s