So, a couple of days ago I was looking for my Kingston 1gig flash drive. I checked all the normal places and couldn’t find it anywhere. I went through all of my pants pockets and figured I had left it at work.

Data Traveller II

My wife called and said, “You know that little rectangle thingy you plug into the computer?” Right away I knew it was my missing thumb drive and prepared for the worse. Do you have one of these thumb drives? They are great little devices. Especially now I have the 1gig. I had a 256mb sized one for a little while, but everything I wanted to transport on it seemed to always be more than 256mb. The 1gig is awesome and it’s lightning fast. The one I have is the Kingston DataTraveler II Plus. It has a cool little blue light on the end too! I’m not sure why the blue light instead of a normal green or red light is so cool but it is. It came with an application to protect data you put on it but I don’t tend to transport that sensitive of data so I just deleted it. So, back to my wife and the phone call…”You know that little rectangle thingy you plug into the computer?” I figured I’d have to get a replacement and the possibilities of what she was going to say were going through my head. Things like “the kids got it and flushed it down the toilet.” or “It fell in the garbage disposal.” “Well, I found it in the dryer.” I must have missed that pair of pants. So the data traveler had traveled it’s way through the washer along with much soap, I suspected, and then on to the dryer where it tumbled on high for 45 minutes or so. I didn’t have much thought of it actually being usable again, but I had her drop it by work anyways. It felt nice and clean when she handed it to me, I’ve used spyware cleaners and adware cleaners and anti-virus and drive defragmenters but never good ol soap and water to clean a drive. So I plugged it into my USB hub and Windows made that familiar “I’ve found something.” sound it likes to make. “Hmmm” could it really still be used, I thought as Windows dutifully added a removable drive to my explorer window. I didn’t have any data on it that I could remember. So I grabbed some items and dropped them on the drive letter and viola! It was working. I guess the solid state circuitry making up the thumb drive really is solid after all. And now my thumb drive is much shinier.